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I think people would be surprised to think they are wanting to be closer to each other.  Personal space is a big deal.

Your separation is an illusion.


Physical space is not separation at all.

A barrier perhaps in your mind but one quickly superseded and cut through when you step back.

You are that space in between you try to use to keep you apart.


There are no two ways about it – you can’t find a place where you are not connected, in touch, an inseparable part.

Your edge of where you believe to begin is the edge of where another ends.

And the further you go the more you realize there is no edge at all.

You Are That Space

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You are as big as you want to make yourself be.

The problems begin when you try to keep yourself small.

Your true nature is dying to come out.


Get over yourselves so you can get together.

For when you do you fall into home and home is where you want to be.


Find ways to be together once again instead of searching to stay apart.

Rules will not help as much as you think although they may give you a start.

The sooner you move beyond them the quicker you’ll find ways to be closer than you ever thought.


Edges lie in boundaries and bounded you are not.

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