Jun 262012


I think I can see what you’re saying about the divergences from each other are becoming smaller and less frequent.  There is an alignment of sorts happening where we’re starting to point in the same direction and be on the same page.

You are a scattered people but for all the wrong reasons.

You will continue to move together and apart but for very different reasons.

You will want to explore who you are in relation to everything else but you won’t have to step out of sync.


That will be the difference, and a huge one at that.


You will remain in the same space and not feel out of place.

You will be different while being the same.

And what a new experience that will be for all of you.


You have always thought if you can’t be together then you must be apart.

Oh how untrue.

You have never left each other because how could you.

Never Left Each Other

Modified original Dandelion seeds from 4freephotos.com
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Only you couldn’t see that.  There was too much in the way.

The clutter suppressed you and now you are you moving on.


You are free to be you without anything in the way.

You know so you can choose.  This is yours to decide.


You have always walked alongside on another.

Your vibrations were so low you could keep lots of room between you.

Coming together caused wider expanses to be crossed.

You took that to mean you were not together and could keep yourselves apart.


Your vibrations are much higher now and the frequency you carry much finer.

You do not need such space in between and nor will it allow.

You have to be closer to each other, within sight and around.

This is a natural evolution you have brought yourself to, closer to home.

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