Jun 182012


You hold much responsibility for yourself as you do for others.

You do not act alone or in isolation.

Treat well those who do not know for soon they will.


You cannot cut yourself off and say this is me.  Your way is together.

Remaining apart only delays the inevitable.


Your strength is in numbers.  Be wise about what strength you choose to use for it can be applied many ways.

Who are you expressing and causes others to express too?


No matter how much you try to deny you are never in isolation.

There is nothing you are not in relation to.


Think about that.


There is nothing you are not in relation to.


And by that mere fact, you are all connected, all intertwined, all raveled up in each other whether you want to be or not.

When you act – or not – so does another, many others, right along with you.

But it often goes unnoticed or in opposition so you do not see what you are responsible for.


See the larger picture as well as the small.

You are in this together, moving each other this way and that.

Be responsible for who you are enacting and what might seem those who are not.


You have much more power than you believe when you are all aligned.

The power comes not from your physicalness but bringing forward the real true you  – all of you at once.

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