Jun 142012



Step back.

Create space for yourself amongst the chaos.


This too shall pass as quickly as you allow it.

Do not get caught up in the whirlwind unless you really want to.

All will continue as planned but you can change the plan you are a part of.


Shift your perspective.

Step out from underneath.

Give yourself space to breathe.


You’ll be amazed at what happens when you do.


Yours is not theirs to control and neither theirs for you.

Unwind from the energy that is so easy to be swept into.

Like rapids tumbling downstream.  Sucked in before you know it.


Orient yourself to what is true and follow that.

Create the space for you.


Bring yourself into presence and cut through like a knife.

Calm while busy.  Clear in confusion.


Be in this instead of moving away.

You bring centre to the storm.  Without you the winds rage on.


Navigate a new path that will become oh so familiar to you.

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