Jun 072012


You have been down a road you would have rather not traveled yet you are still here, you survived, you know more now than you did before.

Think of all that is still left to discover!


You are more aware now so you do not have to find the end in order to realize a diversion, a back track, a sideways leap is in order.

Listen to yourself.

You have much to say about what you desire.


Sometimes that takes external pressure to face you forward.

Other times, not so much.


Get to know yourself.

Understand your signals.

Step back and sideways to see anew.

Filter and sort through your different thoughts to reveal the real true you.


Think not just about what you want, consider even more what is an expression of you.

What will be reflected back?


See what all around you is saying about who – who is being expressed?

Do you see your true self as you look from left to right and then forward and behind?


You have created who you were in that which surrounds you.

Is this who you are now and wish to continue to be?

What will express the purest reflection of you and me?

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