Jun 012012


You’re getting in the way of yourself again.

Do not force yourself but instead be a force.

You already are if you’d let yourself be.


Your head does not always know the answers and rarely the really good ones.

Logic isn’t always the door to where you have been or where you want to go.

Simply listen to what you have been trying to tell yourself all along.

You have been speaking to yourself but what have you heard.


Follow your heart as you say but there is more to hear too.

There is a much bigger you coming through.


Often your heart is tempered by your head.

There are limits to what you allow yourself to believe.

Even from your heart.

Trying To Tell

Modified original Water mill wheel from 4freephotos.com
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Something much greater is waiting to be let loose – the real true you.

You have been holding back on us, through no fault of your own I might add.

This is the path you have all chosen to travel.


But now you know.

The decision is yours.

Let yourself through.


That is the force you have been waiting for and it will burst open doors and knock down walls.

You are undeniable and will not deny yourself as you have not denied before.

Only this time the source of your desire is much greater than you have known.


You can have all you want because what you want is not satisfied by that outside of you.

There is nothing to acquire.

There is nothing to find.

There is nothing to earn.


You are already more than enough and the time has come to spread yourself around so we can all share in you.


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