May 252012


You have been away for many days but never apart.

We are inseparable you and I, as are we all.


Is that a comfort or does that scare you – you cannot run or hide from yourself or each other no matter how hard you try.


You will find much resolves itself when you move towards instead of away.

You search for home and yet you already are.


Do not look away but deep – deep into the eyes of another and see you as much as you see them.

Your heart warms at the sights you shall see.


You are unbounded and free.

But only when you are truly you for all to see.

It is then you have arrived where you never left.


You spoke this morning of blank slates and the potential it holds.

Look beyond and see what already is.

You fear that first stroke of creation will ruin something, will set you down a path you may not want to travel.


You already have.


Simply choose again.

You are not written in stone.

You are a slate in creation, waiting to start all over again.


Without a beginning there is no end, and with no end there is nowhere to begin.

These are all the same moments in time, just as you are a moment in creation, which is not time.


Free yourself from only being here and now.

That is not who you are.

You are a moment in creation, a part of the all, the same and both without hesitation.


See yourself for who you are and wipe the slate clean of who you were to see what you have always been.

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