May 202012


What is the significance of the upcoming solar eclipse?

Whatever significance you want to give it.

That is all up to you as always.


What will happen will happen whether you are aware of it or not.

Some are making much more of it than is and some are making there what isn’t.

Look inside to see what feels true.

Do not take everything as your truth for what is another’s may not be your own.


That does not mean theirs is untrue.

You just bring another perspective as they do.

Check to see if what you hold true is coming from without or within.

To simply take another’s word is masking your own.


Make What You Will

Copyright 2012
creative commons terms apply


And what was true before may not be true now.

Truth changes as you do.

As you expand so does what is true.


You might be amazed to find truth simplifies the more aware you become.

My truth is your truth but yours is not mine.


Look for the stories you use as truth.  Where you give meaning to explain rather than seeing what is.

What you make of something you will.

But do you need to?


Come from within to live from without.

Your life will change more than you know.

The life you so long to live.

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