May 182012


I just want to sit here, be here, connected.

You already are and will never not be.

Take as long as you like because we have forever you and I.

We are forever.


Beyond time and space.

Here, there and everywhere in between.

Now, then and never.


We always are and forever will be.


That sounds pretty big.  Can I just be here?  Now?

You can be wherever and whenever you like because you are never not.


Bring your attention to this moment and you are here.

Put your attention on tomorrow and you are there.

You are everywhere in between even though you go unrecognized.


Sit with that for a moment.

See Yourself Wherever You Are

Modified original White swans on water from
Copyright 2012
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There is nowhere you are not

There is nowhere you cannot be.

You always and forever shall be.


This is what you have yet to see.

You always are and cannot not be.


You equate finding yourself, being yourself, with stillness because that is the only time you take to actually look.

When you are busy doing, you are too busy – or shall we say too distracted – to look, to find yourself right here wherever you are.


You think you come and go when you have never left.

Always right here and now.

There is no space or time in between other than you make it so.


See yourself wherever you are.

In your greatest moment of distraction and in the silence of calm.

You are here, there and everywhere.


Do not wait another moment to find you.

Feel your presence right now.


We are here you and I.

Always and ever connected, together, inseparable and a part.

Look, and see, and believe this is I.

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