Apr 292012


Slip into that space in between where anything can happen,

the unexpected is the norm,

nothing is what you thought it should be.

In this space you can relax for there is nothing to make so.


Just be.


Just be and see what appears.

Allow nothing to happen.

You will be amazed at what does.


Relax knowing you are cared for and taken care of in a way you may not have experienced before.

This is a whole new world for you.

In joy it for that is what it is.






Allow Nothing To Happen

Modified original Blurry night sky from 4freephotos.com
Copyright 2012 KitchenTableWisdom.com
creative commons terms apply

Experience yourself in its purest form – just is.

All That Is.


Fall back into nothing and be carried away.

Let go and be supported in every way.


The space in between holds this for you – all ways.

Because you already are.

Already all in between.


You spend your time staying outside, creating edges and boundaries and objects and obstacles to navigate.

Fall in between.

Slip through and by.

Flow through a new path where you already are.


Feel the breeze of open space flowing through you that is you.

Nothing stands in your way.

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