Apr 222012


I really hadn’t thought too much about healing having a direction, or rather a choice of direction.

Most people look at returning to where they were without truly looking at where were was.

The urgency is not to be here; anywhere but here.


Sometimes it is easier to make more of where you were than really was.

What you think of what was is not really what was was.


There are reasons why you are where you are now.

Do not ignore these.

You may even be where you are now because you chose to ignore in the first place.

Ignoring what is true is a sure fire way of never being who and where you want to be.


Will returning to where you were really solve what ails you?

Or is it just a known that you can see?


Easier isn’t always better.

Better isn’t always hard.


You would do well to use your situation of crisis and recovery as an opening to something new.

Even old can be new again looked at consciously.


The awareness and honesty you bring to any situation can create the miracles waiting to happen.

You can give yourself the permission and promise of change you were too bound to give before.


Healing is changed by you.

Healing is renewal and creation wrapped up in a way more accessible to you at this time.

You can alter the path of healing by the awareness you bring to the energies working on your behalf.

You can use healing as an opportunity to decide anew.


Healing is an opening you can make look like a new direction or return to the old same you.

Either way you took the opening that was there.

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