Apr 082012


Happy Easter.


You have reached another time of renewal in your awareness.

Use this to renew yourself.


Don’t let another moment pass by without thinking of your next.

What do you want that moment to be and who you are in it?


Before long you will be giving thanks and getting ready for the new year.

How did another year fly past without your being aware of all in between.


What Will Be Into Can

Modified original Peacock plumage from 4freephotos.com
Copyright 2011 KitchenTableWisdom.com
creative commons terms apply

Now is your chance to alter what will be into what can.

All it takes is you.

Step back and look at who.

Who will you be is far more freeing than who you were.


You are not locked in your past.


Face forward and express yourself all over in the next best decision of you.


Live your who full out and far beyond you could ever imagine.

That is who you really are anyway.

No imagination necessary if you let yourself grow.


Be the who

that will let the you

out for all to see.

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