Apr 052012


Unfurl your sails and let the wind carry you to far away lands you have not been to before.

Pull anchor and lose sight of the shore.

Staying where you are will get you nowhere.

The winds have changed and so have you.


Things are not the same for a reason.  You needed a break to move through.

If you do not change up, something else will.

Be at the helm or behind – either way you will change.


The time is here.

We need you to move on as much as you do.

Old patterns will not break until something moves.

And move you all want to do.


Be the brave soul who steps into their light to shine brightly for all to see.

Shine bright so others can see their way.

All you have to be is you so you can all be.


Choose Where You Head

Modified original Stabben Light House by fjordkysten
Copyright 2011 KitchenTableWisdom.com
creative commons terms apply

This is new territory you are sailing into.  The adventure is at hand.

But no one want to go first in case they rock the boat.


I tell you, the boat was rocked a long time ago and you have spent all this time holding on.

Stop the tension and sail on.


Head into open waters where there is nothing else but to choose where you head.

No land in sight except for what you want to make of it.

This is a time for deciding, for freeing yourself from all that you’ve hung onto, for opening yourself to what is to come.


Leave what you’ve left behind.


You cannot bring it with you although you like to try.

You will only tie yourself down once again and strain against the sails in the wind.

Something will lose out and you are caught in the middle.


The time has come.

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