Mar 292012


Know there is more than this.

And when you are there, there will be more than that.

Always more, always beyond.


There is no reason for you to settle.

This journey you are on is all about being unsettled.


Once you begin to accept less than you are you begin to close in on yourself.

Your world becomes smaller to the point of choking yourself off.

There is no need or reason.


You are full of life.  Let it flow.

Do not try to hold on for dear life – you already are.

Do not try to control life itself for you are taking on something much bigger and yourself.


You will not let yourself win because you will also lose.

And so you become stuck.


Know yourself.




You have been dying to come out.  This is the time to live.

Full out.

We need you.

In all your light and glory.


Holding back and dimmed down has not served you well.

Or the rest of us.

Step up into you.  The whole, full, real true you.


We have been waiting as long as you for this.

And now we want to see that.

As do you.


You are afraid of something that doesn’t exist.

Except in your mind.

If you can create that then think of what is truly capable.

As you, from you.


You are much larger than you let yourself be.

And yet your goal is to go down in size.

You celebrate fitting into smaller and smaller.


You will only burst at the seams at the end of it all.

You will not be contained because life won’t be controlled.  The force is too great.


And both you and life most certainly won’t be denied.

Sooner or later you will burst open with all that’s inside.

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