Mar 242012


Why the lows, the losts?  What purpose do they serve?


They serve life because they are as much a part of life as anything and everything else.

I know you want me to say you need the lows and the losts to appreciate the highs and the founds.

While this is true, this is not all – by a long shot.

They just are.

Just as highs and founds and everything in between and beyond just are too.

They are just life and what you want to make of them you will.

We have discussed before how you will look into your worst moments much more than your best.

You like to use pain as your teacher much more than pleasure.

Why I am not sure because they both offer you the chance to learn and grow and be even more of you.

Perhaps because you are always moving away, looking to do something rather than just be yourself, you notice your movements away from what you call pain much more than your desire to remain where you find pleasure.

Have you considered what you call pain could also be heightened awareness?  An opportunity to break from the past and change your future?

From that perspective you might just want to experience a lot more pain so you can reach a lot more clarity more quickly.

Of course, you do not need the pain for greater awareness or clarity but that is what you have told yourself – for now.

Look as deeply, openly and honestly into your pleasure and passion as you do your pain.

There is as much there and more for you to learn from.

The choice is yours to decide how you want to look at life.

The choice is yours to stay or run.

The choice is yours to observe and see clearly or continue with always was.

The stories are yours to make and break.

Creation is at every turn you take.

This life is yours to make, yours to decide.

Who you are will play out through how you be.

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