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Have one of those reality breaks in the middle of the night (like I did) and you get front row seats watching the games we play, the stories we tell ourselves and really wonder what we are doing here, what does this all mean.


There is, was and always will be life and only life.

But you saw it at its core, its true nature, the essence of it all.

The rest you make up and make up you do well.

Now how about trying being your true self and seeing how that works.

In that space of a break you found yourself in where you were at a moment of creation with everything that is possible before you at the same time everything just is.

Which direction to go then – remain in all that is or make something of it.

Either way and all points in between, you are being life and expressing life all at once.

Only Creation Is Ahead

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Only now you are not bound by all that you thought you were.  You are not tied into the game you have been playing.

You can start over, start fresh, start anew.

There is nothing to change, no force or past to push against.

There is only creation ahead of you.

What do you want to make that be?

You can and you will if you choose to.

The decision is yours to step outside the games you play and start over.

Acknowledge the games and stories you tell yourself first so you do not get caught up in them again for good.

You can recognize them now so you do not get tangled in them anymore.

Your way is forward and your path is clear.

Use this to your advantage.

Stay outside the games you played for you no longer belong there.

This will feel strange at first.  Very strange.

Make your way forward into the familiar.  You will feel at home sooner than you could possibly think you could.

What is familiar now will quickly become strange.

Take that as a good sign of the progress you are making in the world you are creating – the world that comes from being the real true you.

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