Mar 082012


Is there a difference living from inspiration versus intention?

Depends on the source.

Where is your intention coming from?

What is inspiring you?

Your awareness of what is behind your motivations will shift the direction you head and the expressions you make.

Inspired intention from the true who within is powerful indeed.


Breathe Life Into You

Modified original Vibrant fireworks from
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You will want to be even more of you expressed as far and as much as you can.

Your reach is astounding once you step into the light of you.

To the ends and beyond.

Inspired intention from your mind space shall not reach very far at all.

Elements of struggling will endure.

Tap into the greater who and let yourself flow through.

Allow the whispers to have a full voice so you can hear you.

What have you been trying to say all this time?

What will breathe life into you?

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