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How can being apart help us to be a part?

Because you are never not alone.

You believe in your separateness you  can get away from each other and yourself.

And it does if you refuse to see what is in between.


You can be further apart while together than while being far away from each other.

Your connections are not based on physicality.

If that were true you would lose all your ties to the past in the very next moment.

You would feel no relation to those who have passed.

Your connectedness occurs on many levels, the most of which you put credit in proximity while it is the least effective measure of who you truly are.

You take your immediate surroundings to be more reflective of who you are when many times they are just circumstance.

How often have you believed yourself to be one thing only to find yourself different once again in new surroundings?


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Do not rely on your immediate situation to give you accurate images of who you are.

Go deeper than that.

Step away to step back to see the connections you cannot see upfront and close.

You like to say your hindsight has perfect vision – because you are removed enough to see the patterns woven and the circumstances as fresh.

You do not need to wait for the moment to pass and the deed to be done in order to see those connections upfront and center.

Step back and take a look as part of your normal routine, your typical way of viewing your world.

Observe all that you see.

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