Mar 052012


We started talking about questions as a way to go deep within too.

Yes, questions are very good at stirring the pot and making the way open to travel into the unknown.

Of course you must ask the question from a space of not truly knowing but wanting to know more.

Asking a question you know the answer to doesn’t get you very far.  Right back where you started in fact.

Isn’t that where you said we’d end up anyway?

Physically yes, you will end your seeking with wherever you are.

Much like you will find whatever you lost in the last place you looked.

When you head into a question to which you do not know the answer you will change.

How you see the world will change.

You bring the unknown into the known.

You will take a twist on the kaleidoscope and rearrange what you see.

The parts are all there but they look different.

Your sense of curiosity and wonder will help greatly too.

Great questions come from a place of going beyond what is and will be.

Ask yourself that which will take you beyond the safety of what you have organized in your mind.

What is beyond those walls you have placed inside?

Set off to dis cover what you could never imagine you might see.

Or know.

This is not about making something possible.  That is for what you know.

You have asked to dis cover what you don’t or could ever imagine.

So the walls must come down.

You must open yourself to what is unknown.

You will clear the way for you to move forward or something to come forward to you.

In this way you will go deeper beyond what is seen now on the surface and shift who you thought was you.

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