Mar 032012


You can only stay above the surface for so long.

At some point you shall awaken to the notion there is something more – much more.  All that you see around you is just that – stuff you see.

People too yes, but there is not the connection you know there can be.

Everything is at a distance when you know they are closer than they appear.

The veil has begun being lifted.  The curtain is being pulled back.

A glimpse here and there is all it takes for the questioning to begin.

Listen rather than head off into seeking.  You will block yourself once again.

You are looking for a doing solution to a being source.

Seeking  can just as likely keep you skimming the surface because you are unfamiliar with the deep.

And possibly fear.

You shall have to face the possibility there is nothing to fear after all.  But you have to step into that to find out.

You have to dis cover what you believe you had hidden for good.

That which you seek is always right here, with you wherever you go.

You will not find yourself out there because you never left.

You may see reflections of yourself all over but you have to know yourself first in order to recognize you when you see you.

You travel so far when you have no need to go at all.

But that is the journey you have chosen.  Know that you can choose again.

And again once more.

Go deep within to dis cover yourself first and then see where you are led to travel afar.

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