Mar 012012


If we can’t buy freedom then what do we buy?

Mostly falsehoods.

Take a good look at your spending and see where your money flows.

What are you really trying to buy?

I know you’ll say something like “I need a roof over my head” but there are many roofs you could have, and many less decadent than you have.

People in other parts of the world have much smaller spaces they call home.

Why is your roof as large as it is?

And why is your roof where it is?

Ask this of yourself of everything.

What is this you have (or believe you have when you really don’t) that is being used to express who you really are?

Although at times you really believe what you have will make you who you are.

And we both know how untrue that really is.

See yourself expressing.

Who are you?

Really take a good look.  Observe yourself in truth.

Step back and start from there.

In the midst your judgment of what is so is clouded by that around you.

Make a break from yourself so you can see more clearly what is going on.

And see who you are being.

What is driving you underneath the appearances you make?

Get clear with yourself so you can be clear about the real true you.

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