Feb 262012


That’s an intriguing idea, that the exhilaration of being free is followed by unknowing and confusion because there is nothing to push against.

The tension is released and so too are you.

You are no longer bound or defined by that to which you were attached.

If you have always defined yourself by “that” and who you are in relation to “that”, who are you when “that” disappears?

Not that it disappears but your relationship to it changes.  When your relationship changes, so too does your perspective.

And your energy.

What you feel is different from what you have known.

That is what freedom is – a shift and change in what was, so you can decide what will be.

You like to think you determine your future but you rarely do.

You can determine your relationship to anything but you like most everything to decide for you.

It’s easier in the moment but more difficult in the end.

Especially when you have decided but continue to hang on.

There is a part of you that wants the other to go first and finalize your decision for you.

That is who you were.  Who shall you be?

You are the freedom you seek so now what?  Who shall you be when you are free?

The path forward is yours to decide.

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