Feb 222012


Change is afoot.  And a hand.

Hold on while letting go.

All that seems normal shall be tossed on its head.

That which appears orderly is now a mess.

What was clear you now question.

The logical seems complicated.

The chaos is orderly.

See anew.

Look beyond.

You have many openings before you.  Use them rather than trying to close them off.

Be with the disruptions and disturbances.

Let them work their magic.

Trying to make sense of everything will only close things down.

This is not what you asked for.  You asked for clarity not logic and order.

Your mind will try to arrange your world into what it knows now.

You are going where you have not been before.

Except for possibly a glimpse or two.

But your mind does not remember that.

Your heart does.

Your mind knows what was and cannot stretch very far into what can be.

See with your being.  Follow its lead.

You know where you must go.

So do not try to arrange things to feel comfortable once again.

You will get more of the same.

Let it unfold before you.

Pay attention.  Become a part.

Let the clarity you seek come to you rather than trying to make it happen.

Trust me.  It will.

And you will be amazed at how clear you are.

Be a part of the unfolding by throwing yourself into the flow.

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