Feb 142012


Happy Valentine’s Day!

And to you.

Don’t forget this day of love and relationships expressed is your every day.

Every moment in fact.

Only you choose to forget except for this day and that. 

You have a knack for celebrating at only certain times of your year – what about the rest?

You know this all too well yet what do you do about it.

Forget until next year.

Each day is a celebration – you are here.

Even in your worst moments you have an opportunity to look past your situation and observe what is happening as an expression of life and you.

You may not seize the opening but you have it there for you to use.

As you become more and more aware you have more tools to use – because you are aware they are there inside of you.

Each can bring something new to celebrate – not because it happened but that you are creating you.

Celebrate before you see proof.  Or wait for somebody to tell you.

Rejoice just because.

Do not wait for an excuse.

Hold yourself back not one moment longer.

Celebrate you!

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