Feb 082012


Now you tell us we have to be apart when before you said we were never apart.  How is that?

Because they are one in the same.  Both exist at the same time.

Your logic tries to narrow your focus rather than enlarge.

Change your view and change what you see.

You can easily be apart while not.

But that takes a different perspective and one you must be open to.

Trying to make sense of everything doesn’t always end in clarity or order.

Quite often you simply create more confusion.

Which is good if you end up throwing your hands up in the air to say “I give”.

That is the opening to look for.  When you stop struggling and relax into what is.

You can open yourself up at that point to see anew or close down in frustration and see nothing at all.

You are good at that.

So very good.

You have a natural ability to shut out what you don’t want to interfere and that has served you well.

Until now.

You are finding your laser focus is closing you up rather than letting you go.

The freedom you seek does not come with boundaries to keep you safe.

There are many who have said there is safety in freedom but no freedom in playing safe.

They are correct.

Your definition of safe must change too.

You have held onto your notions of survival and applied them to you.  You have taken your physical concerns and put them onto your being.

The survival you face today is no longer physical for most of you.

Your survival is now based on moving beyond what you think is you.

The tables are turned yet you apply the same rules.

What once gave you protection now hinders you.

To survive you must grow and expand into you.

That means taking what you perceive as a risk.

Which is only a risk if you do not take it.

You are tied up in you.

Untangle yourself to see the new who.

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