Feb 022012


For as much as people like to think they have changed, they really haven’t.

Old patterns die hard.  You have to put theory into practice and that is where the old comes sneaking through.

It’s not good enough to think you have changed.

Who you are being must change first.

This is your connection to the new.

Change takes work, diligence and vigilance.

You cannot change with the same level of awareness you had before.

Otherwise you find yourself right back where you were before.

You must become the observer of the observer you were in order to stretch out beyond.

You must expand your awareness to go beyond where you are now.

You have to be aware of being aware?

Yes.  But do not concern yourself with that now.

Give yourself more attention.  Put the focus on you.

When you want to change you must pay more attention to you than you did before.

And you have to be honest with yourself too.

Observe who you are being and what you are doing.

Compare that with the new who you desire to be and do.

Where do you line up or not?

Catching yourself in old patterns is an important part of being the new.

Until you are established at least.

Then the cycle starts all over again for the next iteration of you.

This will not end so be prepared to have all the focus on you.

You will not get away from yourself.  You can no longer hide.

You know too much to turn back.

Embrace yourself for we are embracing you.

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