Jan 292012


The effects of your clutter are beginning to appear.

You look to your future but there is much still holding you back.

Time to let go.

You cannot move forward trying to hold onto your past.

And so the struggle ensues.

You do not want to lose anything and yet that is what keeps you from winning.

Make your confusion clear.

Be honest with yourself.

You already know where things need to change – including you.

The separation will only grow.

You are stretched further and further apart trying to keep one foot back while the other is trying to step forward.

There is only one solution to keep from breaking in two.

Step forward or back.

Move towards your future or stay back in your past.

If the longing you feel is you calling, your direction is quite clear.

All that is left is for you to get on board with the decision you have already made.

The deal is done and know that you dealt your hand to move you in just this way.

You know you best and what it will take to move you forward.

Even if it feels like a horrendous push.

Clear your past and declutter your present.

There is not much in the way of the future except you.

Travel light for that is who you are.

Not much else is needed when you shine like a star.

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