Jan 272012


Yes, the further down the road you move away from you, the less clearly you see.

Not that you can’t see but you do not see through the eyes of who.

Who you are changes everything and your life is not the same once you begin to live as your who.

The upside is once you have tasted you, felt your vibration and the feeling of being truly at home, being away from that becomes clear to you.

You may not think to yourself “oh, I’m not being me”, but you will feel the dissonance grow.

And that will be your clue.  Follow your vibration back to you.

You are the light you wish to see.

You are what you have been looking for.

Corny this may all seem to you but there is an element underneath that rings true.

You have touched you and that glimpse you shall always see.

It will haunt you unless you let it be.

Full out.

For everyone to see.

I have said many times and there are many more to come, you have seen your light and you will not be denied.

That is what you came here for – to be you and live you as life full out.

This may not happen at once, or maybe it will – either way or somewhere in between – you will happen because you already are.

Stop waiting for you to catch up with something you are trying to hide.

That is a futile game.

Step outside of all that and find yourself in you.

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