Jan 262012


Do you feel good about yourself today?

I do. I feel more like me than I have in quite awhile.

And the reason being?

I realized this morning I’ve been in my head rather than me.  I’ve been venturing down the road of who I am not.


The further down the road I go the less natural and more frustrated I feel. The less energized and connected I feel.

But you know you still are.  Connected, power full, happy and so on.

Yes.  The frustration seems to act as a masking agent, or a sleeping pill of sorts so I forget.

Until you remember.

And this morning I did.  I can do what I have been doing without needing to add the frustration.

Or at least see the frustration as an experience rather than let it consume me.

To observe is to learn and to see what is real.

You can make up any meaning you like but know that is your meaning, not mine. For me it just is.

Not Lost Or Forgotten

Modified original Drop from a leaf from 4freephotos.com
Copyright 2011 KitchenTableWisdom.com
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You spice up life with your twists and turns.

See once again you are the spice of life.

You interpret what you see in ways I will not.  Ever.

Change your meaning, change your life.

Change who you are and you will change your life too.

All our lives in fact.

Because who you are, we are too.

And that is supposed to mean …

Let yourself flow.  You have been holding back for so long you are like the dam ready to burst.

Take that energy and have it work with you rather than against.

Remember yourself and have others remind you when you can’t.

You are not lost or forgotten.

Although you may appear to yourself as so.

We shall not forget you and with us you are always found.

Never alone.

Use us.  All of us. Use me as part of you.

We are here for each other because we cannot be otherwise.

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