Jan 252012


Why is being so difficult?

Because it is who you are.  It’s right in front of you, behind, beside, and inside.

You look at being as something separate and outside of you.

That can’t be further from the truth.

And yet you make it so.

There is nothing you have to do yet that is what you want to achieve.  You turn being into something you do rather than see it as who you are.

But that will change too.

You cannot help yourself from being denied.

The game you play has hidden yourself well and so you do something to find you once again.

And yet here you are.  You never left.

Neither then can you arrive.

But you look to that as a measure of your success.

Once you were there and now you are here.

And yet you are still and always in between.

Laugh at yourselves for being so good at this game you play.

When you laugh and can see the silliness of your doings you shall open the door to your beings.

Express yourself all over, in everything you do.

Do not think your doings shall let you be.

You shall come to see that too.

And oh how you will laugh at what you thought you could pull over your eyes.

You do so all the time.

First you see and then you hide all over again.


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