Jan 242012


More talk of space.  This becoming another common theme.

Space is who, what and where you are.

You have forgotten in your boundedness you are more space than solid.  You feel safe all bundled up and yet you do not feel free.

Your true nature is always beckoning to you.

Why is that? 

Consider that for you to experience freedom again you had to feel free.

To return to who you are, you decided to begin with who you are not.

Sound familiar?

You believe you are most comfortable being boxed in, tightly wrapped, standing shoulder to shoulder.

But you can only take that for so long.  There comes a point in time when you can no longer be confined.

You must be free.

And yet you are afraid of that which you seek.

Which only serves to keep you away from being what you know.

Your true, real self.

Giving yourself space is a way to step back and take a look.

You create an opening, a break from that which you thought you were bound.

You have yourself convinced that you must remain the same, that you cannot change.

The space in between lets you see this isn’t so.

If you choose to go back to where you were, you are free to choose and choose again.

Until you forget and be bound and contained as you were before.

Remember your decision and you touch freedom again.

Space gives you room to move, to see anew.

Space connects you back into the freedom you are.

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