Jan 232012


Listen to your stories.  Listen well.

You many not hear yourself at first but they are there.

You have been telling yourself these tales for so long now you don’t recognize them anymore.  They have become like white noise to you.

You are the teller of these tales so it is you who can bring them to the light of day.

Put your stories out there for all to see.

Let others hear the stories you have told so many times before.

Only this time tell your tales as if they belonged to somebody else.

Separate yourself from what you have been told.  Give yourself some room to hear as others do.

When your stories belong to somebody else, what jumps out at you as totally new or very old?

Listen to yourself as if you’ve never been heard.  This is not your story but someone else’s.

Your story is not unique to you.  You are not alone and not the only one who tells the tales you do.

Now that you recognize your own words, you hear them once again, be on the look out to hear them not from you.

You will be amazed at the chorus you hear, all saying the same thing you do.

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