Jan 202012


I can’t disagree with you on your point we are not aware of who we are being.

You are always more aware than you were before now and less than you can be.

Do not reset on your laurels as you like to say.  Where you have come from is far but where you can go is so much more far beyond.

There is always more.  You are always more.

Clarity is the path you seek but refuse to step onto.

Right now you know much more about what you desire than you are willing to admit.  You know much more of who you are than you will allow yourself to see.

Where Clarity Begins

Modified original City lights from 4freephotos.com
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Those glimpses you have now and then are within you but you see them as out of reach.

Write them down, put them in a song, capture an image – do what you need to do to capture your snippets and glimpses so they remain in your reach.

The patterns emerge and the spaces fill in on their own.

The more you allow yourself to see the more you will.

Pay attention to yourself and hear what you have to say.

Where are you very clear and where do you send mixed messages to confuse yourself?

Do not let yourself off the hook.

Declare your confusion and crossed signals as if they were your best friend.

Because they are.

The clarity you seek begins there – where you are confused and unclear.

Welcome them in because now you know exactly where to begin.

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