Jan 192012


What have we over looked?  What more is there to us?  See, I asked.

And what answer do you come up with?

I thought you were going to tell me.

I have told you much and yet you still do not know.

Isn’t that why we’re having this conversation?  Because I asked. 

I suppose so.  But for you to expect me to answer all of your questions is to put your power outside of yourself.

If you are always waiting for someone or something else to make your decisions for you then you are no further ahead from when we started.

You are creation as much as I.

But you don’t live in a box like we do.  We walk around with giant blinkers on.

That you do.  And in your questioning and explorations you start to remove them.

Then why are you miffed at what I originally asked?

Am I miffed or stating the truth?

What was the intent behind your question?

What were you feeling?

Did you open yourself up to possibility or were you trying to catch me in some sort of lie?

Were you skeptical before you heard or ready to fly?

Pay attention to yourself and what you carry behind.  How often do you appear one way and feel another?

If you are open then be open – not halfway or none at all.

Admit to yourself upfront where you stand.  You’ll be amazed at what changes you see.

You can’t be truly curious at the same time you hold disbelief.

I thought you said we could be two things at once – like angry and joyful.

You can.  You are all things at once.

But you have not made that your experience yet.

What I am trying to say is you are not always fully aware of who you are being.

You may say you are totally open but you hold reservations.

You declare you have no opinion when you do.

These incongruencies are what slow you down.

Imagine the confusion you would have to wade through if you were not you.

Be clear about your who. Be honest with you.

You will go much further than trying to convince yourself of something you are not.

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