Jan 182012


Are you saying the body has a mind of its own?

I’m saying the body is more capable than you know.  You have only begun to scratch the surface.

You have begun to look into its biology with new eyes of science and see what you haven’t seen before.

And yet that is only a part of the story. 

You see your body as a car or vehicle of transport.  Some people baby their car while others enjoy driving clunkers.

You come with a recommended maintenance schedule but no manufacturer’s warranty.

You and you alone are souly responsible for your body.

Take care of it well for whatever your experience.

Make the best of you for this is part of the expression you have been given.

But do not stop there.

You continue to view your bodies in the way you always have – strength, protection, survival, and pleasure.   You have not changed that for thousands of years.

Don’t you think it’s time to look at yourselves differently and ask if there is more to you?

Have you overlooked a possibility or two?

You change your appearance but you don’t really change what you can do.

In that you are very capable (as in cap ability) and remain still where you are thousands of years ago.

Separate yourselves from what you believe you know and see anew.

What has always been waiting right here for you to dis cover?

Some of you have taken those steps but for the rest they are stories of make believe – which hasn’t.  Know you all can if you only will.

Are you for such things to appear?

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