Jan 172012


You have much to explore ahead of you.

For as far as you believe yourself to have come you have multi-million folds in front.

Where do you choose to go, for your journey will be different now that you are not alone.

Your being together is a journey unto itself you could explore until the end of time.  As soon as you think you have things figured out you will have already triggered your next evolutionary go around.

Set yourself up for change.  Welcome you home.

Be bored with things remaining the same, do not accept that which is unchanged.

You are more than you know so do not settle for what you see now.  Comfort with what is should be taken as a sign you are falling back into the old.

No, you do not have to be on the edge all the time.  Far from it.

You will learn new ways of changing that you do not trigger a reaction in your body the way change does now.

You are beginning to see your biology for what it is – not you but a tool.

Treat your tools well so they can be of use to you when you need them.

But do not mistake your body for you.  Your body no longer controls you – you are far too aware.

Pay attention now to your relationship with your physicalness and what you are asking it to do.

What do you want from your body and what does your body want from you?

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