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Okay then, if we are never alone, then how do we find others?

Be yourself.  Be who you really are.

When you come from the place of you, you have the place of a 1000-fold universes on your side.

And by that I mean you connect into much more than you believe you know who are all here on your side.

When you are you, you stop looking outside of you and start seeing what comes from within.

You shall be amazed at what the portal you are leads you to.

They say you must be comfortable with yourself first.  That is only a tiny step into the joy that comes through the expression of you.

What you are looking for that you cannot find within?

Magnetizing Beyond Belief

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We are all here for you, waiting to hear what you desire.

You will not find yourself in others until you can find yourself in you.

How else will you recognize yourself?

Be yourself first so others can see, and say “oh yes, I remember you.  I see me in you.”

It is in your hiding that you stop talking to each other.  You stop seeing each other because you are more focused on not being seen.

Stop the charades.  Drop the curtain.  Show the world who you are – you are expressing all of us too when you do.

It is in your who that you start connecting with others who are like you.  You become magnets to each other – who attracts who.

Do not forget your attraction reaches far beyond what you see around you.  You are magnetizing beyond belief.

You are attracting that which you cannot see into being closer to you.

Know your who.  Be you.

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