Jan 132012


Can you talk more about “The more you are you the less alone you become.”  Many would think they become more alone because nobody around them thinks like they do.

And that is good.  One less person thinking the way everyone else does is a good thing.

You have just stepped through the door and thrown it wide open for all around you.  It is not your responsibility to make them step through too.

The best thing you can do is show them a way, open their eyes to new possibility.

That is what holds most of you back – not that you can’t change but that you don’t let yourself know there is another way.

And in that you shine brightly.  You are the way to something new.

You are pure potential and possibility bringing forth reality.

They will come around in their own time because that is what they came here for too.

Be yourself so others can be too.

You will be surprised how many are waiting for you to take that first step in being you.  Open the space for others to shine too.

Now as far as being alone the more you are you, that is just a phase you are going through.  Appearances you believe more than what is true.

Face forward and see what’s before you.  Look back not to what was but forward to what will be.

You think to not be who you were means everything will change – and it will.  It has to change with you.

But who you were is no longer, just as your relationships are no longer too.

Who you were together cannot remain the same – look around and see how much this is true.

You come and go, move in and out, nearer and farther away.

You are not in relationship with everything today in the same way you were yesterday.

Ebb and flow as the tides – you do not see them worrying about being the same all the time.

Let go of your past to free yourself.  Give yourself room.

Build and create your relationships with each new day of you.

Hold not onto what was but grab onto what will be.

Tomorrow you shall do this all over again – just wait and see.

As you be you new worlds open up.

You cannot bring your old self into the new.

The more open you are the more you shall be received by those who truly see you.

Are you ready to be seen?

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