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If we don’t have ends, how can we ever begin?

When you step outside of time and linear thoughts, you can begin to see what has always been – everything and anything and nothing in between.

You like your concepts of boundaries and limits.  You like to know “I couldn’t” and “now I can”.

You like before and after, then and now, here and there.

Yet where you live is in between.

This you do not see so well, if at all.

Life does not occur at the ends, nor the extremes.

Life is ever and always, and never stops.  To end is to stop.

Isn’t that also true for the start?  Isn’t the start just another end?

The start puts you into motion, gets you in between.

You cannot say the same thing about the end.  Once you have started you have completed your end.

Waiting Kills

Modified original Sea snail shell from 4freephotos.com
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Once in motion you can go anywhere, do anything, be who you are.

The waiting is what kills you.  Slow death or fast, the end is no life for you.


Move outside of time and space, or relationship for that matter, and you can see all that remains is you.

Pure creation.  Pure potential.  Pure being.

The rest is up to you.

What rabbit do you want to pull out of a hat?  What next do you want to bring forth from the unknown?

This is you creating in this very moment.  Creation is left up to you.

Can you handle that – because it’s true.

You are response able as much as you are create able.  The two go hand in hand.

You cannot shun either, although you try.

The truth shall win out in the end because you cannot be denied.

Step into your truth yesterday for you have already begun, and began so very long ago.

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