Dec 242011


The “Christmas Shift” kicked in yesterday, a day earlier than usual I suspect from people’s thoughts turning to the weekend ahead of schedule.  Even those who aren’t “tuned in” can notice a difference in the energy today and tomorrow – a stillness or a vibration change some sort that underlies even the busiest moments.

While mulling on this I noticed how upbeat I became at the potential that awaits at our finger tips.  If millions, if not billions of people turning their attention to similar thoughts creates a shift for a couple of days, imagine what we can do on purpose or for longer periods of time.  Coordination rather than ability (or believability) may be the only thing standing in our way.

The past several weeks have been a bit strange.  Time has zoomed by in stops and starts.  Just when you think you’re getting some traction along comes another block.  And nobody seemed to be going through the same thing at the same time which made what was happening all the harder to gauge.  December appears to indicate what’s in store for 2012 is already underway.

Speaking of 2012, be prepared for an up swell of clutter clearing and cleansing.  I mentioned to friend last night I won’t be surprised when the coming year will be remembered for the number of people who de-cluttered like never before.  If you’ve already had the inner urge (pushed off or not) you know what I mean.  Be prepared.  Everything is fair game if it’s been holding you back or weighing you down.  No excess baggage allowed (or wanted!) in order to travel at the speed with which we will find ourselves moving.  The phrase “take off” will certainly have more than one meaning.


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