Dec 232011


Just let go.

You are on the eve of a new year, a time of fresh beginnings.

Leave your past behind where it belongs.

Whatever was there will remain. 

You have much ahead of you.  Make room for yourself for you will need it.

You will not crowd yourself out but rather crowd yourself into a new era.

This is where you are heading – together.

You may not believe me now but you will soon see.

The wheels are set in motion.

This you cannot stop.

Nor do you want to.

Just go with it.

Follow your lead.  See where you take you.

What you have dreamed of is at hand and you will find too your dreams have changed with you.

What you thought is but a small drop of what you now see.

How could you not have known?  How could you not have seen?

Do not worry with where you were.  Concern yourself with where you will be.

You can move faster than the blink of an eye.  You can create in an instant and the next one after that.

The time at hand is yours to step in to all the power you hold within.

What is within has changed dramatically too.

I am so very excited for this verge you stand upon.

You cannot hold yourself back anymore so the only place for you is forward and onward.

Be you in all your might – not of great bodily strength or will but from your light.

Follow your light and grand dreams of reality you shall soon behold.

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