Dec 222011


Know thyself.

The best present you can give yourself this holiday season is you.

But not to be consumed or put on a shelf somewhere to collect dust.  And only to be re gifted under certain circumstances.

You are not going away no matter how hard you try.

The year ahead is going to be a busy one and you are going to need you up front and centre.

Do not be concerned you will not have enough time or be overwhelmed.

You have you – and all of us – working on your side.

The important thing is for you to not hold back.

That is where your problems will occur.

Remember always to be in the flow rather than trying to control.

In your letting go you will find freedom.  Freedom you have sought for so long and it was always right here in you.

No more pretending.

No more seeing yourself as small or incapable.

Create A Way

Modified original Christmas ball from
Copyright 2011
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Answer the call – your call.

You cannot ignore yourself anymore.

Bring yourself to the fore.  We need you.

All of you.

When one of you steps you all step together.

Your strength in numbers has always been so even though appearances may have seemed otherwise.

Now more than ever you will realize you are not alone.

You do not have to want.

Nobody else needs to go first.

You have nothing to fear except staying the same.

You know what is in store if you stay the same.

Change your future now and see a new tomorrow unlike one ever seen before.

You are at the centre of creation. Create a way.

Let yourself flow like never before.

You wanted to be yourself and be you shall.

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