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I suppose I’m a bit slow these days.  I just realized we are talking about giving and receiving, and Christmas is only a week away.

One of your starkest times of the year for seeing what is real and what you believe or say is true.

Your actions speak louder than words at this time of year in particular.

The stories you tell yourself in the name of something else are very clear. 

Why do we do that?

Why don’t you believe the truth?

You hear what you want to believe.  What you want to believe is what keeps you unchanged.

At least for most of you.

Those who do rock your boat you try to make still.

Let’s circle back around to giving and receiving.  How do we tie this all in with Christmas – or other holidays at this time?

 Think for yourselves would be a good place to start.  Even better would be to open up and know.

Examine your thoughts behind your actions and then your beingness behind your thoughts.

Who are you being that is expressed in what you do?

Are you giving of yourself with no strings attached or are you looking for something in return?

Is what you are giving reflective of who you are and who you know the other to be?

Are you giving the gift of being seen?

Are you expressing to another “I see the real true beautiful you”?

Who all are you saying that to?

See You

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What about receiving then?

The same holds true.

What are you expressing of yourself when you receive from another?

Are you giving them back to you?

When you see yourself on both ends do you become blurred into one or do you see a line between you?

Take a look at what you are thinking and behind that who you are being when you receive.

Are you saying in return “I see the you who saw me and we are truly beautiful as one big me”?

This is starting to sound a little sappy.

You might do well to be a little looser in form so you can more easily stick together.

Your problems come from slipping by each other all the time.  If you do not stick you only have you to concern yourself with.

Every man for himself has led you to where you are.

Your future lies in all of you together.

Best start learning how you will do that be being who.

Take a good look at each other and see you.

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