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Your answer to my question about being in service to you or anyone seemed a little circuitous or unclear in parts.  Can we tackle this again?

There is no need to tackle anything.  The answer is already within your grasp.

Your idea of service is based on the notion of lack.  You want or need something and somebody else will give it to you.

How often do you call something a service when you fulfill your own needs?

How often do you consider yourself to be in service to you?

Rarely, if ever.


So your idea of being in service to another or someone being in service to you is based on one of you having something the other needs or wants.

And so you create an exchange and attach some sort of condition for said exchange.

Sometimes it’s money.  Other times it’s a promise of survival or protection.

What you are truly being in such a situation is not service.

Service is an expression of a doing to satisfy who you are being.

Now take the exchange out of the situation.  What happens then?

There is nothing you want or need.  There is nothing they have to give you that you want.

What happens now?  Is there any such notion as service anymore?

Not really that I can see in this moment.

So how you have set up this notion of service is based on an exchange of power of some sort to fulfill a need.

When one has something another wants and conditions are placed on giving that thing, then you have an imbalance of power and control.

One person is at a disadvantage.

And when one person lords over another, funny things start to happen.

The Less You Don't Have

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The larger the imbalance the more intense or precarious the situation becomes.

Ultimately you can enslave another quite easily in so many ways.

Your society believes slavery was abolished so many years ago and yet you remain enslaved today.

You also remain enslaved to yourself.

What can we do about it then?

Take off the conditions.

Realize there is ultimately nothing you lack.

The more you are you the less you don’t have.

Your being fulfills your having – or perceived lack thereof.

What you have when you be changes significantly from when you are not being you.

This you have know for ages but have ignored as truth.

Your abundance is not found in the physical but in you.

The more you are you the more you have.

So instead of being in service to another, be giving of you.

The more you are you the more you have to give.

You are endless and so too what you can give.

Do not attach conditions once again to your giving or you are right back where you began.

And you will end up right where you didn’t want to be once again too.

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