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Why are we so hung up on becoming enlightened then?

Because you recognize yourself and think you are something to be obtained.

You are not an object or a thing.  You are not something to have.

And you certainly aren’t something that you do.

Your model of the world is if you do something then you can have another thing.

One thing leads to another.

Cause and effect.

Be cause instead of because.

Create your answers before you ask why.

Your search for meaning begins and ends with you.

I certainly don’t know everything.  That’s why I ask.

Your questions are more like a door opening into new worlds.  You ask questions to dis cover answers.

Does that mean all is determined ahead of time?

No.  Certainly not.

As long as you are seeking or questioning you are dis covering.

When you start making decisions then you are creating.

What You Are Seeing

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Oh how I wait for something new, to experience again what was not and now comes shining through.

If you are the whole how can there be anything new?

Through you.  You are bringing infinite possibility into expression.

You are possibility expressing.

I thought I was life expressing.

Precisely.  The two are the same.

Just as you are.

Different expressions of the one.

In your logic you try to find twists and turns in order to create the hole.

You are trying to catch me in a lie or an opposite.

You are doing this to yourself.

Over and over again.

What you focus on you see.

Unless you don’t.

Expand what is possible and you will expand what is visible.

There will always be inconsistencies from the next smallest whole – because there is something that does not make sense without what is next.

When you expand your view you bring into play what was waiting for you to see.

That may turn everything on its head or make sense out of confusion and complication.

Either way, the common denominator is you.

Who you are being will determine what you are seeing.

Change you to change your view.

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