Nov 302011


We take ourselves much too seriously.

That you do.

And no words of wisdom to follow up with?

I thought I’d leave that to you.

Oh great.  Now the pressure is on. 

And so right back you go into serious mode in order to speak to not being serious.

You are funny creatures even when you aren’t trying.

I don’t think it helps to keep calling us funny creatures.

Why not?  You called yourself that.

And it is true.

You are funny and you are creatures.

You are beings of creation so you are create-tures.

You do not recognize your own power and abilities so you remain stuck spinning your wheels.

Do not you laugh at your animals for chasing their own tail?

You say “how could they not know” and yet you do the very same.

You make up things that are not true in order to keep playing among yourselves.

Free Again

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Copyright 2011
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Laugh at yourselves so you can see what you do.

Then look more closely and see who you are being in order to keep fooling yourself.

This is not rocket science – this is you.

You are much less complicated than you make yourself out to be.

Return to your roots – but not the ones you believe to be true.

Return to who you really are, not who you believe you were.

In that you can move forward once again.

Bring joy forward too.  Let yourself shine through.

And when you seem all boxed in and confined with nothing going your way – step back and laugh.

Or even just smile for the sake of smiling.

In your light you are free again.

You let seriousness dim you down – for no other reason than that is what you do.

But is it not necessarily who you be.

Unless you make it so.

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