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See from joy – how do I do that with everything going on in the world?

Now more than ever you are the key.

Be in the world and be joy.  Bring yourself to the table and you automatically bring joy too.

Only you forget. 

Bring the energy of joy to the forefront in all that you do.

Express joy at the same time as everything else.

But there are a lot of bad and crazy things going on in the world.  How can I be happy about that?

First off, I didn’t say be happy.

I said be joy.

Secondly, I didn’t say to be happy or joy in response to what you see.

I said to bring joy, which is you, to the table.  Bring your presence to the fore.

You can be you, be joy, and still be angry or frustrated too.

When You Show Up

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But without joy also in the room you lose your higher perspective.

Anger, fear, frustration – they all veer off into other directions without the beacon of joy to guide you through.

Much of what you see and experience in the world today is caused by a loss of joy, a lack of presence by the real true you.

When you show up, everything changes.

That goes for the all of you too.

When you all show up you are a most brilliant you.

Bring your light to the game and shine.  Shine for me and you.

Even in your darkest moments you can still shine the joy that is you.

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