Nov 242011


And peace returns to the land once again.

Why do you say that?

Because the wind isn’t blowing.

Or so you believe. The wind is blowing, just not in the same way. 

Are you equating quiet with peace?

Now that is an interesting question.  I suppose I am – a lack of movement or noise is peaceful.

Does that not prevent you then from expressing yourself full out in what makes you your greatest expression of passion?

Because if you were you would not be quiet and therefore not peaceful.

You make a good point.  We equate peace with lack of something.

And yet you so desperately seek to find yourself to find peace within.

Break Some Rules

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And all along peace is something you are, not something you have.

And as with anything and everything else you are being, there are a trillion and more ways to express that part of you.

So as much as peace may be expressed as quiet or stillness, or lack of noise or movement, peace can also be expressed in grand movement and with great excitement and whatever else comes to you as a way to express the peace of being you.

Step away from your either or’s and let yourself out.

Break some rules and thoughts about the proper thing to do.

Follow your inspiration and see where is leads you.

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