Nov 232011


Are these winds of change?  They’ve been blowing heavily for two days now.

Certainly use whatever you like, or must, to clean out all that has been holding you back.

Feel your energy move once again.

Feel the freedom you already are.

Your stories are falling around you.  They hold water no more.

And without water there is nothing for you to swim about in.

The Winds Before You

But I thought water was supposed to carry us – like in a river.

You will use whatever metaphor you like that supports what you desire.

As water is constantly changing so too is its use in story for you.

Modified original Mast with sail from
Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply

You will not rid yourself of story or search for meaning but you will find new stories that express new meaning you bring to life through you.

You are up for the experience because you are up to the expression of you.

See the beauty in your winds of change.  Feel the power you hold within you.

You are as free and as powerful as the winds before you.

You are the same in between.

Flow like the wind and bring change with who you are.

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