Nov 152011


Now I’m almost afraid to ask.

Never fear.  That will shut you down to what is possible faster than you can say yes.

Sure.  Are you saying there are no special days or shifts in energy?

Ultimately no – there are none.

But that is far beyond what you wish to experience or you wouldn’t be here.

You came to be a part instead of the whole.

Isness is, which is everything and nothing all wrapped up into one.

Step out of that for even the slightest and you begin to see all that is a part.

From there the view is quiet different and that is what you came to see.

So enjoy the view.

So there are no shifts and special days.

No day is more special Is than the next.

You determine that meaning, not I.

Open To Greater Possibilities

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Besides – how do you determine what is a day when you exist out of time?

A special day as you so call it is the crossing of your story and your illusion of time.

Make any day, any time, a day to open yourself up to greater possibilities.

Only the question I have for you is when are you going to move beyond needing something special to knock you out of where you have stalled?

When are you going to see the next greater realm each and every day, in every moment?

That moment of change is very special indeed.

You transcend this world into the next and you have never left home.

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